Standing tall throughout it all

openly weeping, while ready to fall

praying for it all to stop

as each life is lost.

Wondering when it will end

while losing family and friends.

Within the heart, lies hope

throughout each sacrifice that’s lost.

A shattered world torn apart

with inner thoughts of fear, insecurity

loss and senseless death.

The eyes seeing it daily for weeks

while the heart breaks in multiple pieces

Silently pleading for peace

while dreaming of bringing back lost lives

endless suffering amongst everyone

when being uprooted from their homes

amid the violent attacks

Begging and praying daily

with hands clenched in fear

if only for a moment in time

remembering days from long ago

with always the thoughts and questions of why.

Hoping for a peaceful world

that’s the thought raging within the mind

Love, peace and hope for all mankind.

Wintry Solitude

High atop every tree

white, as far as the eye can see.

Winter has settled in, with its promise

of rebirth on the distant horizon.

Glistening snow abounds, with a halo effect

that knows no limits nor bounds.

Silence fills the chilly air

for the crispness is certainly there.

The beauty that lays before our eyes

with promises that Mother Nature is all

knowing and wise.

Weaving her magical spells, as only she

knows how

for each day is new and forthcoming

with illustrious beauty sure to astound and wow.

Bask in the beautiful views

while making note of all the colorful hues

for as each day will start anew

with hopes and dreams for a better

tomorrow, with less worries

while taking in the breathtaking view.

Season of Change

The lush thick covering of the forest

blanketed by golden, orange leaves

ready to nestle in for a long awaited slumber

if only for a few months in time.

A picturesque scene from Mother Nature

gently casting her mysterious spell

far across the lands

in every corner and nook

while mimicking pages in a story book.

All eyes will behold the magic

that begins each Autumn

marking a quiet lull of longer days

while feasting on the bright sun’s rays.

The surroundings never the same

changing daily in some magical way.

Breeze in the Wind

As far as the eye can see

tranquility lays before me.

Lush orange, yellow and red hues

Mother Nature bringing forth her clues.

Faint breezes blowing all around

while majestic beauty is all to be found.

Time slips into a standstill

for peacefulness is all that abounds.

Lazy days are ahead, with somber thoughts

running wild through our mind.

The healing sight, bringing much delight

as the faint breeze blows with all her might.


Golden rays swirling as far as the eye can see

thoughts of love, uncertainty, anticipation

and even fear astounding me.

Basking in the feeling of today’s promise

so many made throughout the days.

Longings of calm and serenity

as ocean waves lap against each other.

There’s no way to describe this feeling

for it’s from within the depths of my soul.

Days getting longer, feelings growing stronger

as I bask in the glorious sun

while a peacefulness of being one

with nature and the day has only just begun.

The Organic Poet

15 hours ago2 min

To Dream as One @Quinnqueens

Topic – Unity

To Dream as One 

Restless thoughts running wild 

going back to simpler days in time.

Mind recalling how we all came together 

all for unity, throughout every raging storm 

Lying awake, pondering on the day 

endless possibilities, each finding its own way.

I dream of a unified world 

where we are all free to be ourselves 

full of love, kindness, strength and unity.

That is my wish 

each night as I fall asleep.


Minutes Clicking By

Time transcends feelings of loneliness

times of unrest, uncertainty and fear.

The clicking of each second

beating heavily in the mind.

Some thoughts tucked far back

while others seem right on track.

We live each day with uncertainty

doubts always whispering in our mind

knowing they’re fleeting specks of time.

We hold the power of the clocks hands

knowing we’re strong enough to break

free of their bands.

Within each of us dwells a unique spirit

ready to face the world, body and soul.

Proving time never stops

but we keep going on

for we are brave and strong.

Fire Within

Searching, longing for the embrace

fighting temptation like a raging fire

desire flowing through veins

trying to encapsulate every feeling.

Slowly moving her head forward

trying to still fast beating hearts

with eyes on each other, never apart.

Love and lust entwined

igniting their souls, never to unwind.

Finally embraced by love so pure

facing each day without growing fear.

Emotions twirling, burning senses

lost in a hypnotic state, eyes locked

spellbound to each other, lost in thought

thinking of the love today has brought.


Lost but Found

Through darkness she longed for light

always seeking, praying with all her might.

Some days seeming lost, aimlessly wandering

for each step, brutally taking its toll.

Giving up not an option, only forward

trying to stay ahead moving toward.

A seeker of truth, light and love

unfathomable stillness, quietness abound

Many years of inner turmoil built

never trusting, questioning inner guilt.

Wanting light, serenity and peace

while fighting inner demons so fearce

facing terrors of long ago times

through her tear strained eyes.

Life has shown a bright ray

she never looks back on this day

while walking forward

she’s found her way.

Always feeling lost throughout life

embracing it now, for today

her light she’s found.


Rolling Wonders

The rolling hills of lush greens

sprouting wildflowers as far as the eye

can see.

Mother Nature delights us

with her many wondrous sights.

Flowers abound, while the fragrance

envelopes our senses

as the beautiful landscape is in top pose.

Carefree as the wind blows across the sky

gives one a feeling of glee and wanting

to fly, soaring high above, as though

free as a bird.

Watching the landscapes spin their magic

for all throughout to be mesmerized

from the beauty of Earths delights.

Time frozen, suspended as eyes gaze

upon the vast creation before us

discovering new treasures just waiting to

be explored, on the rolling wonders that

lay before.

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