Everyday Pages of Life

A New Year has dawned upon us

praying for less chaos and more trust.

It’s up to each of us to make it our own

living each day with the unknown.

This is a new year of endless goals

365 of them, as the year unfolds.

As each day passes, we fill the pages

like a book, throughout all the stages.

Some pages are happy, some have sorrow

but we must remain grateful for tomorrow.

Thus chapters are born every day

no 2 ever alike, each different in its own way.

They are our own stories to live

as we learn to give and forgive.

As each day begins anew

hopefully hurdles are far and few

we take each one, while being true.

This year make the pages your treasures

while taking in life’s simple pleasures.

May the chapters of your book be filled

with peace, joy, understanding and love.

But most of all, the ability to live your

best life for you and your loved ones.

It’s the beginning of the first pages

make them splendid in all stages.

Bless this New Year

let it be free of fear.

Christmas Wishes

A twinkle in your eye

a skip in your step

excitement within your heart

all the merriments of this Blessed Day.

Tis a day of giving all we can

from lending a helping hand

to creating new memories with loved ones.

It is a time for forgiveness

for letting all the negativity go

and wishing Peace upon the World.

We all come together in unity

expressing joy and love to family & friends.

My Christmas wish for everyone is

something simple: love yourself, your

loved ones, let forgiveness in your soul,

be grateful, help others and dream of

a better tomorrow. This Christmas may

not be the way we want this year, but

we can make it special in our own way.

Merry Christmas dear friends

Peace to you and all the World.

Be Blessed in everything you do in life.


Holiday Blessings

The holiday season is a time of unity

going through this wonderful time with fluidity.

A happy celebration for all to be had

reflecting on the good and not the bad.

You can feel the magic in the air

throughout all the discord and despair.

A holiday blessing for all to see

in this great country where we are free.

Let the light shine upon all mankind

within the day, happiness you will find.

May the light of the season beckon you

to radiate through and through.

A magical day filled with smiles

for all in the world to experience

across the miles.

Holiday Blessings to Everyone 👼🏻


Sitting quietly witnessing the world change

distressing, heartbreaking living with rage.

We have to hold onto faith to cope

every living being relying on spirit and hope.

Each adapts to every single new day

finding what works best along the way.

We are strong and resilient in our life

throughout troubles, doubts and strife.

Our minds racing with many questions

hoping for the best for the entire nation.

We’re thinkers, doers, capable of coping

all the while wishing, dreaming, hoping

for a better tomorrow for all

while maintaining faith without withdrawal.

Wintry Silence

Amid the snow packed on the ground

nothing much can be found.

The stillness and silence astounds

for the calming feelings abound.

As far as the eye can see

a feeling of tranquility comes over me.

The vast landscape has lulled into sleep

amidst the snow covered forest a steep.

Mother Natures beauties will be hidden

for a few months, all will be forbidden.

The silence so quiet, the views a sight

the snow is indeed a wondrous delight.

No two snowflakes are ever alike

for each shining magically white.

Delight in the beauty that lays ahead

like a welcoming blanket in bed.

The wintry silence, the snow glowing

keeps my inner soul and love flowing.

Magic of Winter

The glistening ice shining brightly

Mother Nature has cast her wintry spell

Icicles hanging heavily on tree limbs

silently entombing them for months on end

Magic has begun for all to see

it gives everyone a feeling of being free

Snow falling steadily, rapidly ten fold

tis a wondrous sight for you to behold.

It is a time for life to stand still

a time for comfort and good will.

Mesmerizing views lay miles ahead

for it’s a magical winter wonderland.


Thoughts of future dreams and plans

all forged over many daily spans.

Nothing should stop one from yearning

from all the inside wishes that is burning.

The sun shining brightly on the day

as she contemplates on the way.

A dream is a magical wish from the soul

which you ponder for the world to know.

Never give up on what is meant to be

it is the only way to set yourself free.

Through hurdles, obstacles and pain

never let your desires wain.

We are bound only by our own fear

let yourself shed nary a tear.

Dream the impossible, never giving up

having confidence of the heart

for each day is a fresh new start.


The world is a chaotic place right now

It’s during these troubling times, we

should be grateful for all we have.

From the tiniest flower blooming to the

warm rays of the sun.

Life rewards us in the smallest ways

all throughout the hours and days.

Today is for forgiving and thankfulness

each of us have our own reasons

as our lives revolve around the seasons.

This Thanksgiving may not be

like years past

for we adjust to life at times slow

or at times fast.

Whatever your situation this year

let it be one without the fear

and without shedding a single tear.

Let it be filled with smiles

to your family across the miles.

Let love into your heart

and let nothing tear it apart.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all

Be thankful for all you’re blessed with.


The bright light penetrating through

the trees

as I walk along, my soul feels free.

The stillness in the lush woods

beckoning me from where I stood.

A sultry breeze flowing in the air

helps squelch the feeling of despair.

Longing to venture into the heavy brush

a moment of amazement and silent hush

seeps into my eternal being

for all the wondrous sights I’m seeing.

I can hear the chirping of the birds

for I’m at a loss for words.

The quiet solitude all around me

while beauty is there for the eye to see.

I embrace the peacefulness I feel

which no one could ever steal

for I’ve found the place my spirit feels

a calming will.


The little bird laying on the ground

its wing broken and distorted.

If only this little bird could fly high again

above the clear, vast blue sky.

A kind soul picked up the bird, carried

him home and set about fixing his

broken wing.

He named the little bird Perseus, from

Greek mythology. The kind man wanted

Perseus to soar above the clouds again.

The scared bird didn’t trust the man

trying to mend his broken wing.

After a few days of trial and error, little

Perseus was beginning to trust this

human, who treated him with kindness.

His frail wing was finally mended and

the man was hesitant to try and release

him back outside to fly away. He had

come to care for this little creature.

The day of release was bittersweet,

Perseus looked at the man, looked

towards freedom he had always known.

He finally took off and flew in the big oak

tree in the front yard. The kind man had

tears in his eyes for several reasons.

He would miss his little patient that he

had come to rely on for companionship.

He would miss this sweet little bird for

he had taught him a few lessons too.

He knew if this little bird could trust

a human and go back out in the world

again, he realized so could he.

For he had withdrew from society years

ago in fear, only keeping to himself.

Little Perseus looked back one last time

at the man who had saved his life.

It was fate that drew them together that

day, for each needing the other.

Perseus, the little robin, flew high above

the sky without a worry on his mind.

The man watched him and realized if

this small creature could trust, then he

could also do this.

Fate has a way of bringing about change,

sometimes it’s the smallest acts that

have the biggest impact on our lives.

Little Perseus visited every so often

never forgetting the human who saved

his life and taught him to trust.

The human had changed too, he had the

courage to believe in the good of the

World again. He too, had learned to trust.

On that miraculous day, something

magical took place between a lost soul

and a little hurt robin. Two souls found

something they never expected-trust.

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